In 1934, a group of Christians came from Lorain, OH with two women evangelists, Ida Mae and Clarris DeVries to conduct street meetings in downtown Amherst at the Town Hall bandstand. From the beginning, there was great interest shown by many of the local citizens for these street services. The crowds became so large that it was decided to rent the Town Hall’s upstairs auditorium for the continuance of services. These services were blessed of God with many coming to Christ and the lives and homes of many were changed. 

It was decided that a church should be formed and on October 13, 1934, the first service of the Amherst Foursquare Gospel Church was held. The DeVries sisters became the first pastors. After a period of time, the church moved its location to the Knights of Pythias Hall on Park Avenue in Amherst. Shortly thereafter, Sister Ida Mae was stricken with an illness and Rev. & Mrs. Elmar Barber were called to help pastor the church. After the resignation of the 2 sisters, Rev. & Mrs. Daniel Buser were called to pastor. 

In 1938, the Axtel Property on Cleveland Avenue and Axtel Street in Amherst was purchased and remodeled and became the church home until November 1962. Elite Cleaners resides on that property today. The Busers were pastors until the fall of 1952, at which time they became full-time pastors of the Hour of Comfort Bible Broadcast, a daily radio program, which was begun by the church in 1941.

In November 1962, the first wing educational facilities were completed and dedicated. In October 1964, the church parsonage was completed and dedicated. In May 1971, the first service was held in the present day sanctuary.

During the church’s 81 year history, there have been 10 pastors who have faithfully served. Pastors Josh & Sumer Smith were installed as the Lead Pastors on April 12, 2015.